Founded in 2012, NextChapter is a web-based software platform designed for attorneys to prepare, manage, and file bankruptcy cases online. The platform is designed to streamline the bankruptcy filing process, enabling lawyers to save time and work more efficiently.

NextChapter offers a host of features, including automatic form completion, secure client communication, and data synchronization with the courts. In addition, the software offers case management capabilities that enable law firms to track the progress of cases and manage their workflows more efficiently.

NextChapter focuses on bankruptcy law and its commitment to streamlining the bankruptcy filing process. The software is designed with user-friendly interfaces and offers robust automation capabilities, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors. Additionally, being cloud-based, it allows lawyers to access and work on their cases from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience.

NextChapter also offers Paralegal as a Service, an ALSP to provide on-demand remote paralegals to perform legal work in any area of law or jurisdiction (not just bankruptcy law).

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