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Markup’s key features enable:

Contract Autopilot: A revolutionary contract drafting feature, Contract Autopilot generates the first round of markups based entirely on a lawyer’s previously executed redlines. Contract Autopilot learns the same way a human learns and applies the redlines how a human would apply them to the draft document. With Contract Autopilot, lawyers can eliminate the hours of repetitive, albeit necessary work required to draft a first markup of a contract.

Automated issue list generation based on deal history: A first-of-its-kind feature, Markup allows lawyers to quickly and accurately create highly curated playbooks based on their best past work and/or each client’s preferred language to ensure consistency across contract draft cycles. This saves lawyers hours of searching for, compiling, and circulating specific language examples. Simply upload various reference documents, and DraftWise’s highly trained AI handles the rest. 

Intelligent legal AI assistant for rapid revision: An essential, always available, expert contract assistant, the DraftWise chat copilot answers user questions about negotiation history and recommends revisions of clauses. It also generates redlines to reflect client preferences across contracts.

Critical issue identification and resolution: Markup enables users to quickly spot and address problems or sticking points in contracts based on past deal work. The software auto-generates revisions that can be instantly approved.

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