Litigation Management

As a result of the entrenched nature of eDiscovery, litigation is an area of law in which a large number of technology vendors operate. The field of eDiscovery continues to evolve, with ever more sophisticated tools providing forensics solutions and data analytics capabilities. The acquisition by Reveal of Brainspace and NexLP is a good example of an evolving vendor, though Relativity, Exterro, Integreon, AccessData, Everlaw and many others have also developed data products. End-to-end case management systems have now adapted to provide capabilities that support other aspects of litigation practice, including chronology development, transcript management, exhibit management and trial preparation. Major players such as Opus 2 and Litera Litigate allow for integrations with eDiscovery vendors and the import of tagged hot documents into the case management system. During the pandemic, virtual court work has become necessary, giving rise to the development of platforms such as Armatus and DepoDirect for remote depositions and trials. In addition to these categories, many other point solutions have developed to support various aspects of litigation practice.

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