Document Management Implementation

A document management system (DMS) is so foundational to the functioning of a law firm or legal department that implementing or upgrading such a system necessarily becomes an enterprise-wide, multi-stakeholder project. Various workstreams therefore arise in relation to this kind of project, including requirements gathering, information governance and policy work, change management and adoption, workspace design and folder structures, launch planning and training, as well as technical work that often encompasses migration of documents from an older system and strategies for cutting over from one system to another. Additional complexity can arise when a firm is moving their documents to the cloud. Consultants supporting DMS implementations work with law firms and legal departments to ensure the various project workstreams are all progressing within the established timeframe, develop strategies for document management, drive consensus for key decisions, and assist in technical implementation. Fireman & Company is the leading vendor for DMS implementations in the US, although Encoretech is a strong competitor. In the UK and other regions, both Fireman & Company and Morae support DMS implementations.

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