There are numerous consultants addressing law firm management, the business of law, and legal innovation and technology. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to find a consultant who provides the services necessary to address the needs of a particular environment. This category encompasses all consultants who operate to improve the effectiveness of commercial legal organizations, either on the law firm side or for corporate in-house departments. Consultants are not to be mistaken for ALSPs, who may offer some similar approaches but also provide low cost legal services. The consulting services in this category include technology implementation, knowledge management and data strategies, change management and adoption support, as well as broader legal management consulting and hands-on legal engineering. Well-known consultants include Fireman & Company for enterprise search, intranet and document management system implementations; Harbor for data strategy, matter profiling and technology implementations; Traveling Coaches for change management and adoption; Theory & Principle and FoundationLab for prototyping, product design and product development; and Bam Legal for document automation.

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