Law Firm Hiring: Go Where the Money (Value) is

Published on 2023-02-21 byLaura Leopard

It is not very sexy to save money. It IS sexy to MAKE money. What many forget is that the money you save has as much financial power as the money you make. Those savings can feed into profit and that profit can go into the pockets of partners at law firms. That is why it is confounding that not enough attention is paid to their hiring and retention numbers. 

At many legal conferences, you can usually bet that you will see a session on ‘Moneyball for Law Firms’. Yet, no one is really playing the game. To assess how well your recruitment is doing, you need reliable data and an understanding of the costs of recruitment. 

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Laura Leopard

Laura Leopard

CEO Leopard Solutions

As the founder and CEO of Leopard Solutions, the largest and most accurate law firm data platform serving the legal industry with actionable intelligence and insights on over 4,200 law firms worldwide and 7,000 US corporate legal departments, I oversee all aspects of Leopard Solutions. I direct the sales and marketing department, and I’m also very involved with product development.

Leopard Solutions’ business intelligence programs and curated reports offer current and historical data and include diversity information to offer dependable measurement and tools to aid firms in hiring diverse candidates. The new Leopard Business Intelligence Suite forges a new path for the legal industry using AI and probability to enable firms to assess future risk. 

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