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Vincent AI

by vLex


Currently operational for four jurisdictions (USA, UK, Spain, Italy), but with global development under way, vLex Vincent AI offers the following generative AI-supported use cases:

  • Verified answers to legal research questions: With individualized summaries, linked directly to primary and secondary materials, Vincent AI helps you understand exactly how each case, act, law, or article addresses your questions. 
  • Drafting legal content: More than just answers, Vincent AI lets you formulate compelling arguments, support propositions, counter opposing views, and even anticipate counterarguments. 
  • Compare jurisdictions: Vincent AI allows users to instantaneously compare legal positions across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Extract information: Vincent AI will read and extract the key legal concepts from a judgment to provide you with an understanding of the issues that are addressed within the case. 
  • Automated headnotes: Vincent AI can help you navigate to the right case by providing automatically generated headnotes to help you understand the case without needing to read the full judgment. 
  • Citation check: Vincent AI analyses the cited authorities within the text to recommend materials related to your legal research that are available on vLex, even if they haven’t been mentioned in the document. 

Vincent AI's Word plug-in allows for citation checks to be conducted in line with drafting.

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Areas of Use
Corporate Legal
Law Firms - 100-499 Lawyers
Law Firms - 20-99 lawyers
Law Firms - 500+ lawyers
Value Proposition
  • Unlike most other legal research AI Legal Assistants, Vincent AI is cross-jurisdictional. It has four jurisdictions covered at launch, and will be developed for global application.

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