TermScout provides the following features:

Contract Database:

The Verified™ Contract Database is a public repository of contractual language that has been converted into data points. All free and paid TermScout users have unlimited access to explore thousands of contracts and contract clauses within the database. In addition, users have the ability to privately upload any contract for a Verified™ review.

Contract Review:

TermScout offers two types of Contract Reviews: Verified™ and Predicted™.  Verified™ contract reviews are QC'd by a team of contract language and data experts. These reviews are a 24 hour turn around time due to the combination of our AI + Human QC that ensures you receive first pass contract reviews with 99% accuracy against your playbook.  Predicted™ pre-signature contract screenings for both the sell-side and buy-side, still backed by the Verified™ contract database, predict the level of effort required to work off of a proposed contract template. These AI-only screenings provide contract analysis predictions with 85-99%* accuracy in minutes, with zero need for wasted time or labor from your team on routine contract reviews.

Contract Certification:

Contract certification is a process through which a contract is reviewed, analyzed, and graded based on its fairness, transparency, and adherence to standard practices. In the case of Certify™, TermScout compares contracts to thousands of market data points across its Verified™ Public Database, and then equips all Certified parties with the tools they need to eliminate contract negotiations and close more deals with less friction on their paper.

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