Tangibly Manage by Tangibly, Inc

Tangibly Manage

by Tangibly, Inc


Tangibly’s supports organizations and law firms protect their trade secrets, and their clients' and customers' trade secrets. 

Every company has trade secrets, whether it's code, algorithms, business processes, customer data, and lots more. Trade secrets are protected by federal law in the US (and in most countries) BUT companies need to create DIY processes to ensure they meet the legal requirements. Our SaaS platform helps companies

1) identify and label their trade secrets;

 2) track access and compliance of employees, contractors, and partners; and 

3) educate employees, contractors, and partners. 

Trade Secrets make up the bulk of a company’s IP and competitive advantage. Trade secrets are widely considered the most valuable intangible assets of technology, life sciences, and manufacturing companies alike. According to Ocean Tomo, 90% of the S&P 500’s market value is intangible assets, which is up from 17% in 1975. Since 2016, Trade secrets are protected under federal law (DTSA) in the United States since 2016. All member states of the EU now have trade secrets laws since 2019, which are harmonized per a 2016 EU Directive. Trade secret laws protect these assets but require companies to proactively follow best practices to enable enforcement. Tangibly’s flagship product “Tangibly Manage” is a platform that encompasses identification and labelling of trade secrets, limiting access, and providing clear communication to employees and permitted third parties.

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