Small Claims Case Management System by People Clerk

Small Claims Case Management System

by People Clerk


People Clerk is a comprehensive web-based solution designed for law firms and legal non-profits to efficiently manage small claims cases for their clients. The People Clerk case management system simplifies the entire process of preparing, filing, and serving small claims lawsuits.

With People Clerk, your clients will have access to a user-friendly dual-sided portal that offers real-time updates on the status of their case. This convenient feature ensures that clients are always informed and up-to-date, helping them navigate the small claims process with ease. The software also streamlines the evidence-gathering process by having your clients upload their evidence. The People Clerk system is designed to create a comprehensive and judge-friendly evidence packet for the hearing. This feature ensures that all necessary evidence is gathered and presented in a clear and concise manner, improving the chances of a successful outcome for your clients. With People Clerk, you can confidently navigate the small claims process, knowing that all aspects of your case are being managed efficiently and effectively.

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