SCC Generator Tool by Bird & Bird

SCC Generator Tool

by Bird & Bird


Bird & Bird is a leading international law firm known for its expertise in intellectual property law and for its work with technology and digital sectors. The firm has a broad range of specializations that include, but are not limited to, commercial law, dispute resolution, banking and finance, privacy and data protection, and corporate law.

The firm, often shortened to "TwoBirds", is based in London and has grown significantly since it was founded in 1846. It has over 1,200 lawyers across nearly 30 offices worldwide. Bird & Bird’s SCC Generator Tool is a contract automation platform that helps businesses create, negotiate, and manage Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) more efficiently. The platform was developed in collaboration with Bryter, a no-code automation platform. The SCC Generator Tool uses Bryter’s no-code platform to automate the process of creating SCCs. Users can simply answer a few questions about their business and the type of SCC they need, and the tool will generate a customized SCC document. The tool also includes features for negotiating and managing SCCs, such as version control and reporting.

The SCC Generator Tool is a free tool that is available to businesses of all sizes. It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

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