MyJr Case Insights by Jurisage

MyJr Case Insights

by Jurisage


Finding relevant information is the biggest challenge in legal research, and with every source potentially citing dozens of new research leads, figuring out which leads to follow and how much extra reading to do is surely the second biggest challenge. 

Stop interrupting your research flow by opening new tabs for every new citation you see and let MyJr  give you instant case insights precisely when you need them. MyJr works on any website where you find citations to U.S. and Canadian case law, even the ones where you do the majority of your legal research. Whether you are looking at Westlaw, LexisNexis, Google Scholar, CanLII, Justia, CourtListener, court websites, blogs, if the text can be read by the browser (e.g., not locked in an image or a PDF), and if common tools like Google translate, Grammarly, Evernote and word definition extensions work for you on these sites, then MyJr will work perfectly. 

MyJr works by searching for case law citations - and only citations - in the text of a webpage. 

MyJr only operates when you explicitly authorize it to search for citations. 

MyJr does not take a copy of the page you are on and we don’t connect activity, citations, or page URLs back to identifiable users. 

MyJr will improve the way you carry out your research. Why open a new tab to read a whole case when all you need are a couple quick details? 

WHAT WILL I SEE? The beta version of MyJr serves up key details about the cited case including: 

* Issuing court 

* Presiding judge(s) 

* Reading time 

Jurisage’s proprietary FILAC breakdown charts 

WHAT is FILAC? Our US and Canadian case law collection contains millions of opinions and judgments, and every sentence of every document has been classified as relating to one or more of Facts, Issues, Law, Analysis and Conclusions. 

COMING in FALL 2022 A dashboard view and full-featured version of MyJr will contain: 

* Direct access to a sentence and section-level view of FILAC elements 

* Details on participating lawyers and parties 

* Topics, case summaries and key passages 

* Similar case recommendations 

* Most recent citations and treatment of cited cases, and their influence over time 

* Full text of the judgments for your convenience

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