MinuteBox offers the following features: 

Second Chair AI

Chat with your Company. Second Chair AI lets you interact with your entity database, minute books, and other corporate records. Get insights, summaries, and even redraft documents with the power of AI.

Centralized Entity Dashboard

Every entity at your fingertips. The MinuteBox entity list view puts all of your entities front and center. From 10 to 10,000 entities, MinuteBox effortlessly scales with your firm. With one centralized location for all your minute books, you can say goodbye to lost books and expensive storage real-estate. Filter, sort & find information like shareholders, directors and officers at a glance.


Never miss a compliance deadline again. The MinuteBox compliance calendar tracks all the important dates across all of your entities. Track annual filings and year end dates, business name registrations, PPSA registrations, extra-provincial registrations, patent and trademark expiry, officer/director elections and resignations, vesting schedules and just about anything else.

Person Management

One central location of people and companies. MinuteBox automatically tracks all legal persons including individuals, corporations and other legal entities across the entire system. With one centralized location to view and store person records, you'll never again have trouble tracking who's a shareholder, officer and director across your global list of entities. Easily visualize every relationship between all of your entities and never type the same person in twice.


The most comprehensive legal entity database. Let MinuteBox keep track of every important detail about the entities you manage including: jurisdiction, year-end date, officers, directors, shareholders, governance, registrations and expiries (Foreign Qualifications, PPSA registrations, Business Name registrations ect), share ledgers, officer & director ledgers and more. The entity database all tracks all important compliance dates and provides an advanced tickler for reminders.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting by MinuteBox offers robust, customizable reporting capabilities for complex entity management. Report on thousands of entities, use sophisticated logic for detailed insights, and enjoy unparalleled flexibility in data presentation. With easy Excel export and collaborative features, Advanced Reporting is ideal for tracking annual return dates, foreign qualifications, government deadlines, and more.


The secure way to share minute books. The MinuteBox sharing engine was built specifically with minute books in mind. Unlike other document management systems, MinuteBox is designed for minute books. Share entire books, specific sections or particular pages. Add expiry dates to links for temporary sharing. Share the entity database along with the minute book. With sharing you'll have faster, better organized and more secure legal transactions.

PDF View

With unlimited digital minute book storage you'll save more than precious office space. Impress clients with easy and secure minute book sharing by giving them immediate access to their records. All documents are searchable and shareable.

Ledgers & Registers

Accurate record-keeping made easy. The MinuteBox ledgers and registers provide a secure and efficient way to manage your entity records. Record changes in shareholder ownership, create beneficial ownership registers and track assets. With MinuteBox, you'll have complete control over all your entity records, accessible from anywhere at any time.

Cap Tables

The MinuteBox captable makes everything from the simplest startup corporate structures to the most complicated enterprise capital structures a breeze. Manage share classes, issuances, share transactions, options & warrant grants, ISOPs, ESOPs, vesting and more. It's even better with unlimited included client sharing.

Electronic Filings

Say goodbye to paper-based filing systems. The MinuteBox electronic filings feature allows you to file electronically. Enjoy fast, easy access to entity filings, track the status of filings and ensure compliance with local regulations. With MinuteBox, you'll have a secure, streamlined system for all your filing needs.


Save time with pre-filled forms. The MinuteBox forms feature provides a quick and easy way to create and manage legal forms for entities with data auto-filled from the database. With MinuteBox, you'll never have to waste time creating forms from scratch again.

Ownership Charts

Visualize entity relationships. The MinuteBox ownership charts feature provides an intuitive and interactive way to visualize the relationships between entities. Quickly and easily understand complex ownership structures and track changes over time. With MinuteBox, you'll have a clear and concise view of entity relationships.

Corporate Transparency

Comply with corporate transparency obligations using MinuteBox's Corporate Transparency features. We use AI to provide inferences about corporate control, and can help you track and maintain a Significant Control and Transparency Register. Our tables and charts provide clear illustrations of corporate control and transparency including board independence.


Track everything related to an entity transaction in one view with Events. Keep all tasks, documents, filings, and signatures organized and accessible from one place. Easily see what items are completed and outstanding for a given event. 

Document Automation & Assembly

Our precedents or yours. With MinuteBox, document automation and assembly is easy. Start with our expertly constructed precedents or use your own. Either way, you can ditch the old way of { curly brackets }, coding assistant and plug-ins. Never wait for precedent coding again with the MinuteBox precedent builder.


Ensure legal and governance compliance. The MinuteBox compliance module helps you stay on top of regulatory requirements, internal governance and deadlines. Monitor all your entity's compliance requirements in one centralized location, receive reminders for upcoming deadlines, and track progress towards compliance. With MinuteBox, you'll have peace of mind knowing your entities are fully compliant.


Stay on top of your to-do list. The MinuteBox tasks feature helps you manage and track all your entity-related tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities. Never miss a compliance deadline again, or forget to follow up on an important task. With MinuteBox, you'll have complete control over your entity-related tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


Supercharge your workflow with signatures. With integrated e-signature you'll double your efficiency on routine compliance documents and have happier clients. Secure e-signature, date, time and location stamps for the ultimate in signature and identity verification.


Streamline entity transactions. The MinuteBox transactions feature provides a secure and efficient way to manage legal transactions for your entities. Track and record transactions, mark events as draft, and manage legal transactions tasks with ease. With MinuteBox, you'll have complete control over legal transactions for your entities.

Workflow Automation with Wizards

Say goodbye to manual and repetitive legal tasks with MinuteBox's workflow automation. Wizards provide a quick and easy way to create and manage templates for your entities, transactions, filings, and more. With Wizards, you'll be able to streamline your workflow, reduce the risk of errors, and save time on administrative tasks. Spend more time on what matters most - providing value to your clients and growing your business.

Accessibility Features

At MinuteBox, we are committed to making our platform accessible to everyone. Our platform is bilingual and available in English and French. We also offer a dark mode option for users with visual impairments or who prefer a darker interface. Our platform is also designed with robust display zoom features to make it easier for users to read and interact with the interface. We are constantly working to improve the accessibility of our platform to ensure that it is easy to use for all users.

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