MindPeer by Mind-Alliance Systems


by Mind-Alliance Systems


MindPeer helps law firms produce more valuable competitive intelligence reports and client profiles for business development – at greater scale. Firms can produce more with the same number of analysts by integrating data via API into reports customized for different practice groups using a template builder. Complementary to CRM and Experience Management systems, Mindpeer organizes both what the firm knows and what the firm's marketing, BD, and client service doctrine says that people need to know about clients and prospects. 

MindPeer does not impose a uniform set of data fields on all client profiles. We assume that different types of lawyers need to know different things about different types of companies, depending on various factors, including the types of legal services being offered or supplied and the business and legal challenges faced by the company. BD Managers, Lawyers and Research analysts can jointly use the Mindpeer system to enhance collaboration.

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