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by M-Files

Acquired by M-Files on Feb 03, 2023


Features of M-Files Ment include: 

  • Automated Workflows:  A seamless, automated workflow from creation to management Document generation leverages existing M-Files metadata to autofill document details. Generated documents are placed in appropriate workflows with suitable access rights. 
  • Clause Library: Save and re-use your most frequently accessed clauses across all templates. Create, save, and organize best practices with our intuitive clause library. Integrate your playbook with your collection of reusable clauses, including important instructions. 
  • Self-Serve Documents: Elevate your organization and clients with one-of-a-kind self-service tools. Release automated content anywhere with widgets and generate new documents directly from third-party input. 
  • No-Code Scalability:  M-Files Ment is easy to scale—you can launch your first document automation templates within four weeks with no coding needed.

The technical capabilities of M-Files Ment are centered around its intelligent document management platform, which employs artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to optimize the entire document life cycle. This platform is designed to streamline content management by automating metadata tagging, providing smart search functionality, and facilitating collaboration among team members. Additionally, the platform ensures the highest level of data security and regulatory compliance by offering advanced access controls, versioning, and audit trails. One key differentiator of M-Files Ment from competitor products is its unique ability to integrate with various enterprise applications and third-party systems, enabling a seamless user experience and providing a unified platform for managing all legal documents. 

M-Files Ment was acquired by M-Files in 2023, and is currently available as a standalone product or as a complement to the M-Files platform where it will continue to be supported as a modular offering.   Additionally, a phased integration of Ment into the M-Files metadata-driven document management platform is underway to enhance the combined value of M-Files solutions, including M-Files Hubshare, a secure content collaboration portal. While Ment was designed to create contracts, primarily for law firms and in-house legal departments, M-Files plans to extend the offering to other industries and uses cases in the future. 

Prior to acquistion, this product was known as Contract Mill.

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