Macro (previously known as CoParse, Inc.) is a New York-based startup founded by Jacob Beckerman, a former investment logic engineer at Bridgewater Associates. He grew frustrated using standard document apps like Acrobat and Microsoft Office to print out and mark up documents, and started to experiment with PDF processing software. By 2020, those experiments had grown into a fully-fledged, custom PDF editor that Beckerman helped to build from scratch. Using AI, the editor — called Macro — pulls out key terms, sections and equations to make documents interactive and hyperlinked. Macro is backed by Andreessen Horowitz with participation from Craft, BoxGroup and 3kVC. 

Macro allows users to compare multiple PDF and DOCX files, consolidate changes, compare to a playbook, and output track-changes, pdfs, or reports. Detect key document errors like missing terms, duplicates, and broken references in any DOCX or PDF. Macro is a full productivity suite that works your existing pdf and docx files and makes work faster and simpler. Containing compare, automation, editing, viewing, error detection, e-sign integrations, DMS integrations, and more. Full word processor coming soon.

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