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Luminance Corporate brings AI to every touchpoint a business has with their contracts. 

AI Powered Negotiation: Just like an AI-powered legal “spellchecker”, Luminance automatically produces a traffic light analysis of any contract out-of-the-box, visually indicating where terms differ from previously agreed wording and therefore pose a risk.

Legal Grade Chatbot: Ask Lumi is a first-of-its-kind chatbot underpinned by specialist, ‘legal-grade’ AI. Users can ask Luminance’s chatbot natural language questions about their documents and receive instant, legally accurate responses. Lawyers can even ask Luminance’s chatbot to summarise a contract in seconds, redraft clauses on-the-fly to quickly amend problematic provisions with compliant wording, as well as generate clause wording that finds the perfect middle ground between counterparty paper and their preferred position.

Intelligent Contract Repository: Luminance’s AI-powered repository automatically extracts key information from all contracts, whether executed or under negotiation, providing instant insight across over 1,000 legal concepts, such as contract term, clauses present, and governing law.

Business-Wide Automation: Luminance’s AI empowers non-legal teams to generate, negotiate and amend contracts in line with internal standards. From Sales and Procurement to Finance and HR, every business function can use Luminance to draft their own compliant contracts from approved templates.

AI-Driven Legal Process Automation: Luminance’s Drag-and-Drop Workflow Editor manages the efficient, compliant flow of contracts around an organisation, helping to automatically assign workflow by virtue of contract properties, including content, governing law, type and language.

Luminance Autopilot: Autopilot empowers Luminance’s award-winning AI to handle the day-to-day negotiations of routine contracts such as NDAs. The AI can read a contract, remediate areas of risk, and respond to any changes made by the counterparty’s AI.

In May 2023, Luminance launched Ask Lumi, a chatbot powered by generative AI. Ask Lumi is made available to all Luminance Corporate customers at no additional cost. It is designed to be a question-and-answer application which can be switched on and off when a user opens a contract. It is currently only available on Microsoft Word, and only within a Luminance Corporate subscription.

Ask Lumi can answer questions that range from the basic, such as the definition of certain legal terminology or who the contracting parties are, to the more intricate, such as the jurisdiction of a contract or whether an agreement is unilateral or mutual, among others.

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