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Leveraging the latest advances in computer science together with our in-house legal expertise, Lex Machina has created a unique Legal Analytics Platform that enables you to craft successful strategies, win cases, and close business. It can be used to:

  • Analyze Courts and Judges
  • Evaluate Opposing Counsel
  • Evaluate Parties In Your Matter

AI Text Summarization for Lex Machina
AI-generated complaint summaries within the Lex Machina platform to select district court case pages. The summaries surface the nature of the case, plaintiff and defendant information, alleged harm, and requested remedies to save hours of research time, identify client impacts, and increase business development opportunities.

Craft Winning Case Strategy
The Case List Analyzer™ provides you with charts and graphs on every case list page to help you uncover strategic information and visualize trends—without having to drill down into each and every case. 

Legal Analytics for Litigation Footprint
Litigation Footprint encompasses Legal Analytics on litigation track records of parties in over 27 million cases filed in 94 federal district courts and over 1,300 state courts, built on the best coverage of electronically available courts. This data includes Lex Machina’s complete coverage of federal district courts and enhanced state court coverage, along with new expanded basic state court coverage, together constituting the broadest Legal Analytics coverage available.

Lex Machina API
You can directly access Lex Machina's litigation dataset through their Application Programming Interface (API). With the API, you can create your own applications to show the insights most relevant to your practice, and easily deliver them to your clients or attorneys wherever they need it. 

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