Law firms and in-house legal teams are constantly battling tight deadlines and overflowing workloads. Manual contract review, a critical yet time-consuming task, often eats away at valuable time that could be spent on strategic initiatives. LegalGraph steps in as your intelligent partner, leveraging the power of AI to streamline contract review and empower attorneys to focus on what matters most.

Imagine this: Instead of spending hours poring over lengthy agreements, searching for critical clauses and terms, you can have LegalGraph do the heavy lifting. Key features include: 

Effortlessly Extract Key Legal Terms: Say goodbye to tedious manual searching. LegalGraph can pinpoint crucial information like data breach notification deadlines, intellectual property (IP) ownership rights, data protection obligations, and more. This includes identifying specific terms and phrases you define as important, ensuring nothing gets missed.

Simplify Contract Analysis: LegalGraph doesn't just identify key terms; it presents them in a clear and organized table format. This allows you to quickly scan and analyze the information, saving you the time and frustration of sifting through dense legal jargon.

Manage Contract Files: Effortlessly manage and search contracts using filters for name, contract type, date added.

Trustworthy Legal AI: Verify results with transparent citations section name and page number of source for each result.

Transparent Insights: LegalGraph doesn't operate as a black box. It provides clear explanations (Chain of Thought) for how the AI arrived at each conclusion. Additionally, confidence scores for each result give you a sense of the AI's certainty in its findings. This transparency fosters trust and allows you to verify the accuracy of the extracted information with ease.

Benefits: Time Saved: Reduce contract review time by up to 60%. Imagine reviewing key legal terms hundreds of contracts in a fraction of the time currently spent on manual processes.

Increased Accuracy: Minimize errors by 80% with accurate AI data extraction and analysis. LegalGraph boasts a 20% higher accuracy in identifying key legal terms from contracts compared to vanilla GPT solutions.

Cost Reduction: Lower review costs by up to 40% through automation.

Close deals faster: Accelerate deal flow by expediting contract review. Minimize risk: Mitigate the consequences of errors associated with manual review.

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