Legalese is a legal tech startup that was established in 2014 and is based in Singapore. The company focuses on automating and simplifying the process of drafting legal documents, particularly for startups and technology companies. At the core, they are an open-source complaw project working on the drafting of legal documents the way programmers develop software. The platform is still in development with the aim of enabling entrepreneurs, startups, and lawyers to generate complex legal agreements with a click of a button.

Legalese uses computation law and its unique markup language (the Legalese language L4) to automate the drafting process. This language is designed to be precise like legal language but readable and writable like a programming language. The software can generate custom, complex legal documents based on predefined templates, effectively reducing the amount of time and effort required in manual drafting.

While the full features and capabilities of the platform are still under development, the company's aim is to serve technology companies and startups that need to regularly draft legal agreements but may not have the necessary legal expertise or resources in-house. By simplifying and automating the legal drafting process, Legalese aims to democratize access to legal services and ensure legal documents are accessible and understandable for everyone.

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