Replace manual data entry with automation using our software to save time & money, reduce human error, and increase employee morale. 

Legal Ninja is a software that automatically does specific tasks in your case management system.

For example, your team manually does certain tasks in your case management system, such as:

  • Creating calendar entries,
  • Adding notes,
  • Adding or editing custom fields,
  • Renaming and uploading documents,
  • Generating document templates, and
  • Activating task lists.

They will typically do this when certain documents are received at the law firm. Legal Ninja helps automate the doing of these tasks within the case management system.

Your team simply creates a Process Template by defining all the tasks they want done in your case management system, whenever a specific document is received. When your team receives that type of document, they load the template, select the case matter, and click Submit. Legal Ninja will then do all those specific tasks automatically.

Legal Ninja is ideal for smaller firms that have a centralized practice or case management system.

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