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kReveal is an AI-powered legal technology platform focused on automating and simplifying the contract review process. Serving businesses, legal teams, and contract managers, kReveal aims to reduce the time and effort spent on contract review while increasing accuracy and efficiency. It was created at the intersection of two legaltech companies, KMStandards and Unabridged Technology (an offshoot of the twenty year-old product incubator at Bridgeway Software). 

kReveal utilizes advanced machine learning and natural language processing to extract key clauses and terms from contracts. It transforms unstructured legal language into structured data, making it easy for users to understand their contractual obligations and risks. This automation reduces the need for manual contract analysis, allowing professionals to concentrate on more strategic aspects of their work.

kReveal's intuitive interface and easy-to-understand outputs are designed to be accessible to both legal professionals and non-legal users. Moreover, kReveal's technology is designed to learn and improve over time, enhancing its accuracy and value with repeated use.

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