Justice Bid has been a minority-owned diversity analytics and outside counsel selection provider since its launch in 2020. Their goal is to help corporate legal departments better understand the diversity of their outside counsel and other vendors, find new diverse options for outside counsel and other types of suppliers, and, ultimately, include more diversity in their outside counsel and other supplier spend. Their diverse team is comprised of attorneys, technologists, and legal ops and procurement professionals. Bringing these combined experiences together is a prerequisite to tackling the complex challenges of diversity and outside counsel selection. For the past three years, the company has concentrated its efforts on bringing much needed transparency to the diversity of law firms in general and the diversity related to clients' specific matters. By addressing the needs of both legal service providers and consumers, Justice Bid has created a unique platform that fosters a competitive and transparent marketplace, enabling clients to find and engage with the right legal professionals for their specific needs.

The key technical capability that differentiates Justice Bid from its competitors is its cutting-edge bidding system, which allows legal professionals to submit competitive proposals for legal projects posted by clients. This transparent and efficient process empowers clients to make informed decisions based on factors such as pricing, expertise, and experience. Furthermore, the platform incorporates a comprehensive review and rating system, allowing clients to evaluate the quality of legal services provided and fostering accountability among legal service providers. 

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