Features and functions of Harvey include: 


The Assistant feature allows users to query Harvey with or without uploading documents. When one or more documents are uploaded, Harvey will generate a response to the user's query based on their documents and will include linked references to the document.  Example types of queries include:

•    Improve agreement provision
•    Summarize document
•    Summarize document inside a table
•    Draft a document or email based on uploaded documents
•    Analyze agreement risks
•    Understand scenario
•    Generate chronology
•    Identify relevant documents 
•    Identify gaps in document 
Harvey provides a library of queries/prompts.  Additionally, users may create a library of private prompts or have a shared prompt library across their organization.

Document uploads must be PDF (.pdf), word (.docx), excel (.xlsx), or zip files containing those formats.  When documents are uploaded, text is interpreted left to right, all the way across the page.  Harvey's Assistant feature is not able to recognize multi-column pages, vertical text, or images at this time.  

Documents uploaded to Harvey are only accesible to the user and their workspace admins. They can be deleted at any time. 


With the Harvey Research function, users can query a finite set of resources to perform and augment research tasks.  Harvey will provide citations as to how it created answers. Users can view the relevant snippet of the source document or view it in its entirety.  

Harvey offers access to the following research resources: 

  • Tax: Tax AI Assistant provides comprehensive answers backed by trusted verified sources on global tax laws and guidance.
  • EDGAR: Key recurring and event-based filings by public companies.
  • EUR-Lex: Cases from the Court of Justice of the European Union.
  • US Case Law: Federal and state case law from all 50 states.
  • French Case Law: Case law from French civil, administrative, and constitutional courts.
  • Memos: Comprehensive databases of law firm memos.


Harvey orchestrates hundreds of highly specialized models to complete full workflows.  Example potential workflows include:

  • Contracts: Convert thousands of documents to structured data to analyze - all at once.
  • Company Profile: Create a detailed corporate profile grounded in 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K and more.
  • Issues List: Instantly draft custom issues lists based on selected key themes or common issues.


Harvey provides visibility into a firm's productivity.  Users can track work product produced on the Harvey platform by attorney, client matter, practice area and more. They can access fine-grained control over usage and data provenance.


Harvey utilizes Microsoft Azure Cloud, with all data processing and storage occurring in the United States. They also support data storage in other countries upon request.


Harvey News

In April 2023, Harvey raised a $21M Series A funding led by Sequoia with participation from the OpenAI Startup Fund, Conviction, SV Angel and Elad Gil.  In December 2023, it raised $80M in a Series B co-led by Elad Gil and Kleiner Perkins with participation from OpenAI Startup Fund and Sequoia. 

In May 2024, Harvey announced a partnership with Mistral AI which will provide customers with more transparency and security. 

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  • Winston Weinberg - CEO and Co-Founder
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