As of August 1st, 2022 FORE! Trust Software will no longer offer new subscriptions for any of its desktop software. Customers interested in high quality estate planning software may want to request a free trial of the cloud-based, client centric solution offered by ADAPT as it based off the same legal templates and logic that the FORE! Trust Software uses. This solution features many upgrades to the current desk-top version (including the ability to access from any computer; new automated documents to help further automate your document preparation; CRM features; practice activity reports; as well as the option to use the new “inter-active” online client questionnaire.  The questionnaire further automates your estate planning for even greater efficiency and accuracy.
While they are sunsetting their desktop software, they are still committed to properly maintaining and updating the legal templates for all existing customers for the time being.  The ADAPT platform is a cloud-based software provider and the exclusive provider for all FORE! Trust software templates in the cloud.  While FORE! Trust software templates will continue to be properly maintained – only ADAPT users will be getting new enhancements in addition to the updates.

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