Current workflow automations include: 

  • Deposition transcript and other legal transcript summarization: Dodonai's AI deposition summary software converts deposition transcripts to deposition summaries to get you the information you faster and for a fraction of the cost of deposition summary services. Dodonai’s deposition summary software uses artificial intelligence to summarize the most important testimony from a deposition transcript. A valuable tool for lawyers, this deposition summary, also known as a deposition digest, can be used in litigation and trial preparation as a reference for clients and team members, saving attorney time and reducing case costs.
  • Deposition transcript management including deposition transcript software, AI Chat with powerful search and analysis, easy annotations, and automated blue book citations. Dodonai’s deposition transcript software, or deposition transcript management software, enables users to upload deposition transcripts, highlight relevant passages, copy those passages with the correct Blue Book citation, and utilize artificial intelligence to search and analyze the testimony in the chat window. Our transcript management software is the perfect complement to Dodonai's automated deposition summaries.
  • E-discovery: Discover the future of legal document analysis with Dodonai's AI-Powered eDiscovery Software. Dodonai transforms your eDiscovery process, offering unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Dodonai's AI-driven platform enables semantic searches across vast document pools, delivering precise results at unprecedented speed. With Dodonai, every document is at your fingertips, and no critical piece of evidence is ever out of reach.
  • Medical record summarization and chronologies
  • Search and Q&A analysis over legal docs
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Areas of Use
Law Firms - 20-99 lawyers
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