Features of DocStyle include: 

PDF Conversion

DocStyle Convert
Legal-specific PDF to Word conversion tool. We recognize and handle elements in the PDF such as sections breaks, header and footer content, numbering, table of contents, certain footnotes, and removing pleading lines. We extract the text from the PDF file and populate it into a brand-new Word document respecting the functionality and layout of Word.

Insert PDF
Add individual pages from any PDF file into your Word document safely. A unique feature that allows you to add pages from your PDF file as clean text or as an image. DocStyle will position the inserted content wherever your cursor is. Section breaks are added as needed to position each page properly inside your Word document.

Document Cleanup

Create Clean Document
A tool specifically for repurposing Word documents. This copies all the content from one document and moves it into a brand-new Word document. It will remove the existing styles and numbering from the document to give you a clean starting point.

Quick Cleanup
A powerful tool designed to revolutionize the way you work within your existing document. Acting as an intermediary between your template and applying styles, this empowers you to make global changes to your document effortlessly. We consolidate transformation and clean up by allowing you to change the font, font size, justification, line spacing, space before and after, section breaks, margins, spaces in sentences, quotes, removing unused styles, header and footer content, empty paragraphs, hidden paragraph marks, and numbers to text throughout the entire document. 

The DocStyle Toolbox
A versatile drop-down list of the most common cleanup items, enabling you to fix document issues on-the-spot swiftly and efficiently. The DocStyle Toolbox includes categorized options including document text tools, header/footer tools, styles and numbering tools, and tools for tables.

Web Paste
Copy and paste can plague Word users by unknowingly adding hidden objects and create formatting inconsistencies inside your document. With Web Paste, text on your clipboard can be cleanly inserted, whether it comes from the internet or another file.

Styles & Numbering

Format Wizard
A revolutionary tool that redefines how firms deal with document transformation. Consolidating the functionalities of Create Clean Document, Global Changes, Style Document, Style Match, our tool empowers users to transform your documents efficiently and effectively through an automated workflow. In addition, if your document currently has cross references, the Format Wizard will retain them or update them if you update your numbering.

Automatic Styles
A fully automated document analysis and styling process. Designed for short legal documents with multi-level paragraph numbering. Automatic Styles offers two different choices. Create custom styles based on the formatting of the document or transform the document based on your firm’s style sheet.

Create Outline
An intelligent tool that streamlines applying numbering to your document. Offering the flexibility to create an outline scheme from scratch and save for future use. Or take advantage of the intelligent engine which analyzes your document and allows you to build numbering schemes from the paragraphs in your document.

Manage Schemes
The ability to apply saved numbering schemes or import schemes from any Word document or template enhances productivity and efficiency. The advanced functionality of numbering panes further simplifies the process by grouping identical numbered paragraphs for easy styling.

Create Table of Contents
Easily generate your table of contents. Offering the ability to customize where you’d like to insert it and decide which groups of paragraphs you want to include.

Contract Review

Cross Referencing
A powerful and practical time saving utility designed to find all typed in references throughout your document and present them in an easy-to-use interface. DocStyle will analyze your document and present references and numbered paragraphs together. 

Defined Terms
Proofreading contracts is an essential component to finalizing a legal agreement. We bring information to lawyers with our Defined Terms tools. Defined Terms Check will present all definitions within a document and organize them into categories. Lawyers can review terms and their respective capitalizations throughout their documents.

Advanced Styles

Style Info
Originally created to rename styles applied to paragraphs in Microsoft Word, Style Info provides users with a comprehensive means of reviewing styles and confirming paragraphs are associated with the appropriate style.

DocStyle Panes
Enhanced Style Pane experiences that help to apply styles to paragraphs more effectively. Several views allow power users to focus on the specific types of paragraphs they want to style and where those styles come from. 

Style Match
The most advanced way to apply styles. Reminiscent of Stylizer, Style Match groups all numbered and body paragraphs together, along with all styles, grouped by type. Users can utilize styles from within the document or add firm styles from a Template or Style Sheet.

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