Features of Coheso include: 

Universal legal intake-Empower business teams with a universal legal front door that provides lightning-fast responses to routine legal questions.

  • Universal legal intake integrated with email, business and communication software
  • Instant responses to routine questions; information gathering for complex requests
  • Customizable oversight, content moderation and legal approvals
  • Auto-generated answers with citations and evidence from enterprise legal knowledge

Streamlined work management - Effortlessly handle substantive legal requests with the power of Generative AI.

  • Comprehensive task tracking & visibility into status and progress
  • Customizable AI-based request delegation
  • Seamless & integrated collaboration across business and legal teams
  • Builds on current workflows and augments current tech stack

Efficient work product - AI-generated first drafts based on your executed contracts, playbooks, and templates.

  • Accelerate contract negotiation with auto-generated redlines
  • Empower business stakeholders to self-serve routine drafting needs with built-in guardrails and best practices
  • Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Word for a familiar, user-friendly experience

Actionable legal Insights- Gain critical insights to optimize business value and legal department performance.

  • Obtain visibility into work allocation and related business value for efficient resource management
  • Visualize key metrics like request volume and SLAs on interactive and customizable dashboards
  • Integrated cross-module learnings and analysis for end-to-end metrics
  • Leverage insights to enhance processes, employee training, and legal knowledge
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Areas of Use
Corporate Legal
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