Project Management and LPM


Project management platforms leverage automation to allow legal teams to manage complex projects and juggle multiple projects, as well as facilitating the work of breaking projects into discrete tasks. Typically these solutions allow for the assignment and management of tasks, including assigning priorities, tracking progress, setting weekly, monthly, quarterly goals, and allowing team members to communicate within the platform. While there are various general-purpose project management tools (such as Asana, Smartsheet, Monday, etc.), project management tools specific to the legal industry have developed to support law firm matter teams as well as corporate legal departments. This category encompasses both. In recent years more law firms have recruited legal project managers to help partners deliver legal work on time and on budget. Fibonacci, for example, helps legal departments such as Barclays and many of its panel firms with project management. Dashboard Legal supports law firm project management.

Cheryl  Wilson Griffin

Cheryl Wilson Griffin

LTH Expert

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