How LTH works

Legaltech Hub is the global information portal for commercial legal professionals. Here, you will find tools help make your team, department or firm more effective, resources to keep you informed and educated, and opportunities to liaise with your peers in the industry. We deliberately set out to create a useful resource professionals working in the commercial legal space, both in-house and in practice. That focus informs the content you will find on this site.

What you WILL find on Legaltech Hub:

  • the world's most comprehensive directory of global legal technology tools for commercial legal, maintained and updated regularly
  • regional snapshots, providing insight into the way the commercial legaltech market is developing in different parts of the world
  • a directory and calendar of legaltech events and conferences across the world, helping you to plan your team's professional engagement
  • a listing of the major legaltech and legal innovation awards across the world, along with submission dates
  • a directory of legaltech courses, diplomas and degrees available at universities across the world
  • the ability to search across our directories using nuanced filters that enable you to drill down easily to find exactly what you're looking for
  • legal resources that help new professionals in the industry get up-to-speed on prominent voices and trends, trends, and provide seasoned industry professionals with a one-stop-shop for key blogs, publications and providing an easier way to absorb these and stay at the vanguard of our exciting industry
  • COMING SOON: an exclusive directory of legal consultants, legal engineers, and legal designers across the world, highlighting expertise and jurisdictional focus.

What you WON'T find on Legaltech Hub:

  • access to justice tools;
  • legal marketplace tools;
  • tools that serve the public, rather than legal professionals

How our Directories work

For each directory, we have gathered the key data you will want to know with respect to the content type. We have also carefully considered the filters that will enable you optimally to search across this data to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Not all of the metadata for a particular content type corresponds a filter, but when you click on a search result, you will see all of the data applicable to that result in a more detailed search page.

Our Tools Directory

The metadata that adheres to tools on Legaltech Hub includes:
  • Vendor Name - the organization that produces the tool
  • Tool - the name of the tool
  • HQ - the country where the vendor is based
  • Offices - countries where the vendor has a physical presence
  • Functionality - the primary function of the tool (see taxonomy below)
  • Sub-Functionality - secondary functions (if any) of the tool
  • Practice Area - the area(s) of law to which the tool is targeted
  • Platform Language - language(s) of the tool interface
  • Linguistic Efficacy - language(s) in which the tool can be utilized
  • Target Entity - either Small Law (solo up to 50 lawyers), Law Firms, Corporates (in-house departments) or Barristers
  • Deployment - Cloud, Web or On Premise
  • Integrations - other tools with which the tool is designed to integrate
  • Website
  • Description
*The collection of this data is an ongoing process. Over time, more data and more detailed results will be available for each entry.

You can narrow your search by using these filters that are available on the tools directory:

  • Functionality (incorporating both functionality and sub-functionality metadata)
  • HQ
  • Office
  • Practice Area
  • Platform Language (incorporating both platform language and linguistic efficacy)
  • Deployment
  • Integrations

Functionality taxonomy:

AI Tools
App Development
Business Intelligence
Cap Tables
Case Management
Citation Checker
Clause Bank
Client Management
Client Portal
Closing Management
Content Management
Contextual Search
Contextual Search
Contract Automation
Contract Management
Contract Negotiation
Contract Review
Court Calendaring
Data Analytics
Data Extraction
Data Visualization
Decision Automation
Defined Terms
Document Assembly
Document Automation
Document Management
Drafting Tools
Early Case Assessment
Email Management
Enterprise Search
Entity Management
Entity Management
Exhibit Management
Experience Management
Expert Systems
Identity Verification
Information and Records Governance
Intranet / Portal
IP Management
Judicial Analytics
Knowledge Management
Legal Research
Legal Verification
Matter Management
Outside Counsel Management
Patent Search
Practice Management
Predictive Knowledge
Project Management
Remote Depositions
Robotic Process Automation
Smart Contracts
Smart Mobility
Spend Management
Structure Diagrams
Task Management
Taxonomy Management
Term Sheet Analysis
Transaction Management
Transcript Management
Trial Preparation
Work Allocation
Workflow Automation
*Our taxonomies are organic. If you would like to see a functionality added, email us at, and we will consider it.

Our Events directory

The metadata that adheres to events on Legaltech Hub includes:

  • Organization
  • Event Name
  • Location: Parent - the country in which the event is held, or if the event is virtual
  • Location: Child – the city in which the event is held (if known)
  • Recurrence - how frequently the event is held
  • Date - the month during which the event takes place (see event website for exact dates)
  • Duration – how many days the event lasts
  • Audience – the target demographic for the event
  • Description
  • Website

The metadata that adheres to awards on Legaltech Hub includes:

  • Organization
  • Awards Name
  • HQ - city or country of in which the awards ceremony is held (if known)
  • Jurisdiction - countries or regions the awards cover
  • Eligibility - firm, team, individual, client, vendor, etc. eligible for the awards or award category
  • Type - award, recognition, list or index
  • Categories
  • Submission Deadline (if known – approximate dates are entered based on past years, with additional detail added as the information is released)
  • Ceremony date (if and when known)
  • Description
  • Website
If you want to see more detail, functionality or categories, please let us know.
We are intent on continually developing LTH for you. Not only will we keep our tools, events and awards listings updated, but we are also working on adding listings for:
  • Consultants who specialize in legaltech, legal innovation, knowledge management, legal business strategy, legal design, legaltech design and legal engineering;
  • Associations and groups for you to mix with, learn from and inspire fellow legaltech advocates; and • University/higher-ed programs that offer legaltech education.
Do you have questions for us? We would love to hear from you at, but we also encourage you to check out our FAQs


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