Knowledge Base - Landscape Overview

Published on 2023-04-24 byJack Shepherd

Much of a legal team’s worth is tied up in knowledge held by individuals within a team. This creates a competitive advantage, but also creates a risk that a large portion of their worth is eliminated if individuals decide to leave a team. Combined with this, many teams suffer from the fact that knowledge is captured at an individual level (e.g. in somebody’s private folder) rather than being shared with others. A key purpose of a knowledge base is to store and codify knowledge that would otherwise be locked away - either in a secure location or people’s heads - so that it can be shared with others.

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Jack Shepherd

Jack Shepherd

LTH Expert iManage

Jack is a Principal Business Consultant at iManage, and works with legal teams and law firms of all sizes. He advise on technology and business strategy, and has particular experience working on knowledge management, document management and transaction management solutions. Jack previously worked as a bankruptcy attorney and innovation lead at an international law firm, developing a product that was acquired by a leading legal technology company.

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