Foundation before Automation: Process

Published on 2023-02-23 byInnoLaw Group

Process, process, process! Processes underlie everything that we do, which is why it’s so worthwhile to take the time to ensure that you’re doing them as efficiently and effectively as possible. After all, isn’t doing the same (inefficient) thing over and over again and expecting a different result, the very definition of insanity. Although awareness is growing, many attorneys still don’t appreciate the role that process plays in legal practice. 

So, as we continue to build upon the foundations required for constructing a solid contracting framework, with the ultimate goal of enabling you to successfully automate some or all aspects of your contracting lifecycles, we shift our focus to the next fundamental consideration – process. 

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InnoLaw Group

InnoLaw Group

InnoLaw Group is a boutique firm, comprised of trusted CLM consultants and legal advisors, that specializes in supporting corporate legal teams to streamline legal review of contracts based on efficient processes, optimal templates, simplified playbooks, continuous data-driven improvements and selecting CLM technology solutions which align with the automation priorities of the organization. InnoLaw Group empowers legal teams to focus on only the highest value commercial transactions and legal advisory work to support key objectives of the business by providing CLM strategic advice and consulting services as well as customized, practical CLM Simplified Workshops.


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