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Published on 2023-01-17 byJason Dirkx

Expert systems have been discussed at length in academic literature dating back to the 1950s and before. At their simplest, an expert system is simply a way for an expert to share their expertise in a declarative, systematic manner that allows it to be reproduced or reused by non-experts. As a concept, expert systems are technology agnostic as one could ostensibly develop an expert system with a simple checklist. However, expert systems platforms are a class of technologies in the legal industry that have evolved to simplify and expedite the creation of expert systems.

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Jason Dirkx

Jason Dirkx

LTH Expert Paul Hastings LLP

Jason Dirkx is the Director, Practice Innovation and Technology Solutions at Paul Hastings in Chicago. In that role, Jason leads a team charged with managing and developing the portfolio of practice technologies, including information resources, other off-the-shelf practice tools as well as custom developed solutions.  The group is responsible for custom developed solutions that include technologies such as workflow automation, document automation, data analytics and visualization, low-code/no-code platform development, and language analytics and machine learning applications. At his last firm, Jason helped launch and grow a joint venture company aimed at delivering quasi-legal products to help corporations navigate employment laws and regulations.  Before law school, Jason worked as a software engineer developing military planning and readiness software for defense contractors in San Diego.  Jason has a B.S. in Computer Science from Michigan State University and J.D. from Chicago-Kent.  Jason also volunteers in senior leadership positions for the International Legal Technology Association and is a regular speaker and writer on innovation in the delivery of legal services.

When he’s not working, Jason likes to spend time with his family and develop his woodworking and DIY skills.

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