Billing Guidelines Essentials for Legal Operations

Published on 2023-01-27 byTom Stephenson

As we start a new year, this also brings a time for most of us to begin with new budgets. What better topic to capitalize on in the new year so you can make sure your legal operations and financial management initiatives follow important regulatory or corporate directives. 

For most legal operations professionals, the thought of updating billing guidelines probably doesn't sound like the most fun way to start the new year. But trust us, taking the time to do this now will save you a lot of headaches and stress later. Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to streamline your billing processes and make them more efficient.

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Tom Stephenson

Tom Stephenson

Director, Legal Operations Credit Karma

With over a decade of varied roles within the legal industry, Tom has worked alongside global law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, legal tech vendors, and alternative legal service providers to address issues impacting today's evolving legal operations, legal technology, and legal innovation landscape.

Tom focuses on driving legal operations to run smarter and faster while implementing right-sized technology solutions that provide meaningful data about how teams work. Tom serves as a trusted advisor to design-thinking executive stakeholders in corporate legal departments to identify business objectives, value perspectives, and process inefficiencies during periods of hyper-growth.

Tom is the host of Dear Legal Ops, a weekly podcast sharing anonymous stories to empower the next generation of legal operations professionals to dig deep to find and release their inner brilliance through courageous conversations, mentorship, and educational opportunities. Tom is a community thought leader and regularly speaks as an authoritative voice on innovative legal operations strategies that drive efficiency, innovation, and transparency within an organization, including Harvard Law School. 

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