Assumption Mapping to Improve Innovation Project Selection

Published on 2023-04-19 byDennis Kennedy

Assumptions mapping is a simple, yet powerful tool that can improve the way you select the right projects to move forwards. Without testing the assumptions you have in relation to each project during a prioritization exercise, you will end up making decisions that are not evidence-based and are instead based on assumptions, anecdotes, and memories of what might not have worked in the past. In this aticle, Dennis Kennedy provides guidance on how to introduce assumptions mapping techniques into your project selection process in order to ensure that you are prioritzing the righ projects for the right reasons.

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Dennis Kennedy

Dennis Kennedy

Director, Center for Law, Technology & Innovation Michigan State University College of Law

Dennis Kennedy is the Director of the Michigan State University Center for Law, Technology & Innovation, the author of the book, Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law, and the founder of the Law Department Innovation Library. He writes and speaks frequently on legal innovation and technology topics. He has co-hosted The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast on legal technology with Tom Mighell since 2006. 

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