Guess Who’s Coming to AALL! 14 First Time Exhibitors Offer Business Intelligence, Workflow, KM, IP, Transactional, Litigation and International Solutions
Published on Thu, July 07 byJean O'Grady

There is no question that the most exciting place at AALL is the Exhibit Hall. Connect with old friends, schmooze with vendors, learn about exciting new features and products. 2022 is the first live post pandemic AALL conference. I am anticipating that a highly energized crowd will be streaming through the exhibit hall. I asked Pablo Arredondo the Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Casetext – a relatively new AALL exhibitor - to explain the value of being at AALL. “From our earliest product, CARA, to our most recent one, AllSearch, the exhibit hall at AALL is one of the best places for Casetext to evangelize new technology.  It has been critical to our success to date."

Mark Torchiana, Co-Founder and CEO of Courtroom Insight planned to exhibit for the first time in 2020 but when the conference went virtual, he decided to wait for the first in-person conference.  “This year, we are very excited for the conference to be in person and look forward to showcasing our numerous new integrations at the event.  The timing is right for us because our customer base has grown (40 of the Amlaw 200 firms) along with the number of software integration partners. We continue to focus on KM and analytics about experts, arbitrators, judges and soon attorneys.  And we are perfectly positioned to help marry private, internal content to external data sources via our application and our soon to be announced APIs. “

It is hard to categorize the 14 new exhibitors. Many companies support some form of research, but there is no clear demarcation between research, KM, business intelligence and workflow solutions. Analytics, AI and API’s – once considered cutting edge – stream through most product offerings. Specialized resources for litigation, IP, securities, international and transactional practices are represented in the list.

Below is a quick roundup of the 14 first time AALL exhibitors:

CAS Data provides curated scientific knowledge for the R&D pipeline. The CIS scientists curate connect and analyze data disclosed in scientific publications from around the world. The CAS Content collection covers over 150 years of discoveries, including patent data covering key invention details from applications published by 64 global patent authorities. The data can be licensed for machine learning or in-house workflow. The CAS scientists also support custom data curation projects through the CAS Custom Services unit.

Coherent Digital. The Coherent Digital website proclaims “our mission is to tame wild content...” Their Policy Commons is the world's largest database for public policy. It includes more than 3.2 million reports, working papers, policy briefs, data sources and media drawn from a directory of 24,000 IGO's NGO's, think tanks and research centers. It also includes over 1,000,000 pages of premium content from leading publishers and restored from organizations that have disappeared, A Canada Commons includes over 200,000 policy and government documents. They have a South Asia archive and Sabinet Complete which includes African research and insights from African journal news and government information.

Courtroom Insight. Courtroom insight is a customized knowledge management solution that enables organizations to capture, share and analyze internal knowledge (attorney experience and documents) related to arbitrators, experts, judges and attorneys. CI has grown its network of partners and is focused on developing analytics and APIs.

IBCF. International Business Company Formation, Inc. (IBCF). Since 1998, IBCF has assisted law firms, tax professionals, corporations and other service companies with a wide variety of corporate services including, but not limited to, entity formations, registered agent/registered office, document retrievals and apostille/legalization services in all 50 states, US Territories and international jurisdictions. In 2017 they launched IBCF Worldwide Due Diligence which assists legal and tax professionals, corporations and service companies with various forms of due diligence checks available on entities and individuals around the world. There appear to be over 200 countries listed on their website.

IDI (Interactive Data).  IDI offers a suite of investigative and people finding tools. idiCore is a full investigative and risk management tool which offers “skip tracing”. idiTrace verifies personal information. IDI offers batch and API solutions as well as custom data analytics.

Kaleidoscope provides a database of SEC and SEDAR filings. In addition to providing traditional filtered searching of securities documents they offer data visualization tools including data driven charts and graphs, dynamic real time metrics. They use color coding to identify different types of filings throughout the system. They also offer customizable APIs and data feeds. The API contains all SEC filing types from 1994 updated in real time as well as earnings call transcript and financial data tables.

The website highlights the fact that they are leveraging the expertise of professionals who formerly worked at 10K Wizard. (A product which was beloved and well known to the AALL community.)

Law Business Research. Law Business Research has been around since 1996 but in 2021 they stunned the US legal information community when they acquired IP litigation platform Docket Navigator. They also offer the well-known news aggregator Lexology.

LBR’s website describes the company as transitioning from being a traditional legal publisher, to being a technology focused information business serving our clients and users with the knowledge, tools and data they need. Their solutions include a suite of intelligence platforms providing Know-how resources, regulatory updates and data tools for legal professionals. Their Performance Data product tracks the global legal industry with proprietary data for understanding law firm and lawyer performance.

Legitquest is a legal research product focused on the Legal market in India. The product includes the primary law of India and is driven by AI enabled search functionality. The platform includes a citator, judge information, data visualization and workflow tools. The website posts legal news updates from around the world.

Leopard Solutions offers a variety of business intelligence services for lawyers and law firms. Leopard BI provides predictive analytics and reports for modeling law firm growth and success. The Leopard List is an attorney database. Leopard JobSearch is a recruitment tool. Leopard Firmscape provides competitive intelligence and benchmarking of US and international law firms. Leopard InHouse is a corporate counsel directory of over 80,000 attorneys.

Minesoft Is a global patent information provider. Their services include global patent search and analysis, legal alerts, document delivery and custom workflow solutions. The research tools provide analytics and patent family tree visualization tools. Minesoft solutions include R&D strategy tools, legal tech tools, alerting services for tracking PAIR, legal status, citations and patents. They also provide API solutions.

Skopenow  is a powerful open-source intelligence tool. The website offers a great slogan for librarians “solve problems without busywork.” Anyone who has had to conduct due diligence on people or companies knows how tedious and time consuming those tasks can be. Skopenow instantly builds comprehensive digital reports on businesses and people, collecting and analyzing publicly available information from data sources including social media, the dark web, associated vehicles, court records and contact data.

Softlink offers library management software. Liberty is an integrated library system (ILS). The illumen knowledge and research workflow solution offers workflow management for research services and research products.

TLO is one of the leading “people search” providers. It provides detailed profiles of both people and companies. The 360-degree profile is compiled from a massive data repository that's updated daily. 

Visual Ping “We monitor website changes … so you don’t have to!”  Music to any researcher’s ears.  And yes, it is not uncommon for lawyers to need to monitor websites for changes.  Visual Ping sends an email alerting a researcher to a change in a target website.

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