Our Story

We are a large law innovation & knowledge management leader and a legal industry marketer, bravely embarking on a joint business as spouses.

Nicola (Nikki) Shaver

Nikki is passionate about the way that legal technology and innovation is unfolding across the world. In early 2019, running yet another fruitless Google search for use case functionality, it occurred to her that these searches must be even more difficult for firms whose target market is multi-lingual, and whose clients want tech-driven legal services delivered in multiple languages.

Chris Ford

Chris has found himself working repeatedly in legal marketing. In discussion with Nikki about the state of the industry, the absence of a unified resource for finding legaltech tools and information that was useful, comprehensive and reliable seemed like an obvious gap in the market.

Together, we set about building a resource that combined the most complete global legaltech directory with a powerful search, providing a unified resource for finding the right legaltech tools, consultants, events, awards and more, no matter where in the world you are.

We will continue to build and maintain LTH to serve the needs and wants of the legaltech community. Get in touch with any feedback or suggestions to help us get there.


Legaltech Hub actively seeks collaboration opportunities and partnerships with global associations that share our values of supporting positive change in the legal industry.

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